I think most people would agree that waking up on a Monday morning is hard, but for us waking up on a Monday morning a few weeks back was near enough impossible. With less than three hours sleep the only thing that ran through my mind was that by the afternoon I would be in one of the most beautiful parts of the world…Tuscany!

The White Avenue team had been up the night before until 3am organising and coordinating a lovely wedding just outside of London. Luckily for Lucy she had some time to recover, whereas Sophia and I had to be up by 6am to make our way to Gatwick for our site visit with a great couple looking for the perfect wedding venue in Italy. It was thanks to Sophia for ordering a cab that morning, instead of us both taking the tube to Victoria Station – otherwise we would have ended up at Heathrow or worse.

We were super excited to be going to Tuscany with our couple Nicole and Liam to show them two jaw-dropping, stunning Italian venues. Both Nicole and Liam are marvelous creative individuals, which for us as wedding planners is great as it makes our job more fun as they have lots of great ideas. Liam is a professional photographer who has a real passion for wedding photography (liambergin.com) and Nicole is a talented graphic designer.  Their vision for their wedding was one that was so refreshing. The aim for the wedding was to keep things simple, rustic and fun, without fancy linens or a huge wedding cake. Instead, they wanted to make their wedding about their surroundings, the beautiful views from their venue; a typically Italian venue with a relaxed atmosphere where they could spend a week with their friends and family celebrating their wedding with wonderful food and good music. To really take advantage of the stunning scenery Nicole & Liam have chosen to marry outside followed by a traditional rustic Tuscan style dinner with antipasti, bread, pasta, salads and a hog roast. The vision was there! All we needed to do now was make their dreams come to life with the perfect venue.



What was fantastic about spending the next 2-3 days with them was that we got to know them even better. It’s a cliché, but they are a couple who are truly and utterly in love!

We planned to see two incredible venues near the beautiful city of Siena. Taking in the culture and the surroundings of Tuscany was something we all enjoyed and the vision of the wedding the couple wanted was becoming clearer as we went along. Weddings are becoming more and more popular in Tuscany but the venues we saw were relatively untouched, and still privately owned and oozing authenticity and charm.


(taken by my handy iPhone)


The first venue was set up way up in the hills, with an amazing view and tranquil atmosphere. There are several options for the ceremony, reception and party so you really are spoiled when it comes to choosing where you would like to have the wedding ceremony and reception. It was indeed the perfect place for a romantic wedding.

After visiting the first venue, we retreated to a lovely hotel in the city walls of Siena. The following morning we made an early start to squeeze in breakfast whilst whizzing through the city to take in the sights. Siena is an enchanting city of beauty and history and it wasn’t too long before we fell in love with it.



It was the second venue, close to Siena, that the couple were secretly hoping would be ‘the one’.  They had seen so many photos before the trip and it was this one that they were really excited to view. You can see from the photos how amazing it looks and the views from the courtyard were sensational.



On the last day of our trip we visited a flower market in Pescia, which is approximately one hour east of Pisa. The Flower Market would be the place that Nicole and Liam would source the flowers for their wedding next Summer. Usually, a couple would hire a florist to really transform the space at the venue, but Nicole and Liam wanted to get really involved in picking out the flowers themselves, thinking about what flowers they could put together and place in Tuscan style glass jars for the tables.



The couple chose the venue of their dreams and can now look forward to an amazing wedding in Tuscany next June.


Photography by Liam Bergin 


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