Wedding Favour Ideas

Our couples often ask us what we think the best wedding favor / favours are. For me, its not what you purchase as a favour, its how you present it and how you personalise it. For example, you could buy a tin of mints in a silver tin – but you can jazz it up by putting a personal message/ beautiful graphics on the top.  However, on the flip side, don’t feel you HAVE to bother with wedding favours – some people look at them as an unnecessary waste of money. Your guests won’t be upset if you don’t provide an expensive one, or anything at all for that matter!


If you love them though, there are so many options to choose from and we have put together some of our favourites to get your ideas going.


balm wedding favour


White Avenue’s 8 top tips:

1. Think about whether you want your guests to keep this gift forever, or whether you don’t mind giving them something to open straight away and eat or use.

2. Think about how you can personalise it with a label or message and whether you want a different favour for the ladies and gents.

3. You can choose favours according to the theme of your wedding such as a tropical, beach, butterfly or Christmas theme. Perhaps you could choose favours according to the season the wedding will be in – Summer or Winter wedding. Or, you could choose favours that represent you as a couple, what kind of things people relate to you, your interests and favourite things.

4. Think about your guests – what would they really like? Are they generally an older crowd? Would they end up leaving them on the table?

5. Budget. What can you afford? Can you go for a luxury wedding favour at £20 per favour and really go all out?

6. Favours add detail to your wedding tables. No matter how much they cost you, try to make them as eye pleasing as possible. Favours are a feature of the wedding that makes your wedding truly unique and personable. They can add colour to a table and make great photographs.

7. If you buy wedding favours that happen to be already boxed / packaged in something tacky or something that says ‘tesco’ on the back – take them out and put them in a nicer box or packaging – it will be totally unique and they will look amazing!

8. Wedding favours don’t have to sit on the table. They can be something bigger that your guests can pick up during the wedding – e.g. flip flops for the ladies for dancing or a whole dessert table.



More than 50 Wedding favour ideas:



top right: kath kidson . bottom left: twenty seven


Handmade soap

top left: 

Lottery ticket

Lyndsey Goddard Photography

Sweets (sweets in a jar, retro sweets, wedding love hearts)

wedding favor sweets




Christmas theme (snowflake decorations, cracker, bauble, cookies, gingerbread)


Fruit bags/ trays


Sugared almonds


Egg cup / and mini spoon


Toffee apple

Martha Stewart blog




Sophia Victoria Joy


Stationery (journal/ me and you pencils)

red journal:



Trinket boxes

heart box: heartland angel


Mini alcohol bottle


Lemonade/ milk bottle


Lip balm/ body butter

pippins gifts

Personalised bookmark





wedding favor yoyo




Bottle opener/ cork

Bottle opener: honeydew & violet

Basket of scones / strawberries / cream tea


Cake pops



Van Wyhe Photography

Vintage tins

pippins gifts

Lucky Sixpence


Destination wedding (luggage tag, anchor bag, sea salt, seashells, atlas thank you tags, maracas)






square candle tins from hope and willow 




Mini sweet machines


Dessert in a jar / ingredients to make something

Red velvet photo: Catherine Noble


Succulents / herbs


Tea / tea diffuser

Left: Barebone photo. Right:



wedding macarons



Left: Hannah Akers Photography


Polaroid / Instragram magnets and coasters /

Hanging decorations

top right: wedding of my dreams – bottom left: posh totty designs


Cookies/ Shortbread


Jelly beans


Flip books

left:   right:


Plants / seeds

bottom left:



Candle in a teacup


Personalised M&Ms




Recipe books

Dani Stephenson Photography


CD of love songs / favourite music


Bird seed


Personalised wrapper on chocolate bar

wedding favor


Olive oil

inspiration wedding favour

Left: Sarah Kathleen Photography.  Right: Tom Ravenshear Photography



Ideas put together by White Avenue.

We may have missed a credit or two…If one needs adding please email us at to let us know



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