It may be the last thing on your to do list, or maybe something you haven’t even considered – but remember ‘it’s all in the detail!’ so, today we are looking at the art of table numbers! Your venue will of course provide you with standard table numbers, but why not take the opportunity to have custom made ones to add your personal stamp on the tables.



Wedding table numbers or names don’t necessarily have to fit the exact theme of your wedding, they can just be in a more elegant style than what your venue may offer. Unique wedding table numbers or names are often a reflection of the couple’s personalities and can often be related to their relationship, their favourite places, their favourite colour or even be in the style of a photo frame with a different photo per table. One of our favourite table theme’s was a couple who were both doctors and named their tables after famous doctors, not necessary ones that were in medicine, such as Dr Who, Dr Seuss, Dr Watson, Dr Dre etc. This made all the guests laugh and it was such a personal touch.



If you are considering naming the tables, rather than having numbers here are a few other ideas:
Places the couple have visited (e.g. different cities or places that are special to you)
Street names
Character’s from a favourite film or book. (e.g Lord of The Rings, James Bond or Pride & Prejudice)
Favourite flowers
Landmarks you have been to (e.g. Big Ben, Empire State)
The word LOVE in different languages 
If your centre pieces are birdcages, you could name the tables after exotic birds
Name them after your venue. Does your venue have history to it or a particular theme going on? 
Words that make a marriage work: love, faith, hope, trust, friendship
Champagne Brands
Favourite restaurants
Underground stations
Hotel’s you both have stayed in
Era’s of the couple growing up
Time of year inspired. Christmas: Carols



Your wedding stationery designer can create your table numbers, which match your wedding invitations and menu or place cards. Or, you may feel brave enough to make them yourselves – but remember, some DIY jobs can turn out looking tacky so don’t be afraid to look for ones on the internet or have them custom made by a designer.



Some venues or couple’s avoid the number 13 when completing their table plans. Here at White Avenue we usually keep the number 13 in as we feel it looks a bit strange when it’s missing! Unless you feel strongly against it, or the venue advise you otherwise, keep 13 in to be lucky!



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