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Liam and Nicole knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding – from the food to the stationery.  The groom being a photographer and bride being a graphic designer, their creativity really shone when it came to the wedding planning. All we needed to do was make sure it was executed perfectly. We knew we would work well together because when they contacted us about finding them a wedding venue in Italy which would suit their personalities, vision and budget, we presented to them the same venue they had set their hearts on from their own initial research. They didn’t want a wedding planner who would try and push ‘over the top’ ideas or someone who would insist they had a wedding cake and wedding favours. Instead, they wanted someone who could understand and ensure their ideas for a simple, rustic wedding party in the countryside were accomplished. Liam and Nicole are the kind of people you don’t meet everyday – they are people who love life and want to share it with their closest friends and family. We felt as if we had known them for years and I am sure we will remain close for many years to come.


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We were invited to stay at the wedding venue itself – the wonderful Italian private estate just outside Siena. It is the kind of place you will remember forever. Perched high on a hill, at a height of about 300 metres, the estate commands magnificent views of the Sienese landscape.  (We will also remember Liam going on about the beauty of the crumbling walls.) Being a photographer himself, it was pretty tricky choosing the right photographer for the wedding. In the end, no one could have been better for the job than Chloe from Caught The Light. An experienced destination wedding photographer who not only knows Italian, but her personality brightens up people’s day with her bubbly and friendly nature.


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As a destination wedding planner, we know one of the most important things to ensure is right on the day is the smooth transition from one area of the estate to the next. Remember it is scorching hot and guests do not want to be waiting around, wondering where they have to be. Making full use of the beautiful grounds, there was a different area for each part of the day and although it wasn’t far to walk from A to B, it was essential we were there to assist the couple and their guests.


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What did the couple have planned for the wedding day?

The day’s itinerary was as follows:

Ceremony in the gardens overlooking the amazing views of Siena

Afternoon tea and cake in the courtyard

Drinks Reception & Speeches with comfortable blankets and garden tables

Antipasta & Dinner including Hog Roast in the courtyard

Party time!

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And the final photos of the day…


wedding planner italy


Nicole & Liam’s testimonial about White Avenue 

We had a wonderful year planning our wedding with White Avenue. George and Sophia are a very loving, determined and ambitious couple who proved to be just the ticket when it came to organising our day/week in stunning Tuscany! They knew instantly what we were after and helped us piece together the finer details. From the onset George and Sophia were good company and we enjoyed many ‘meetings’ over dinner or afternoon tea. We loved spending time with both of them over the year and they were always on hand to offer guidance and gentle nudge when required to get us motivated again.

We were very clear as to what we wanted and worked with White Avenue to achieve it. Planning a wedding abroad is a daunting task but it’s not impossible! It becomes a team effort. We presented our ideas and they helped us to realise them. Questions we had, were answered, they made time to see us and calmed us when things got a bit overwhelming.

We are very family minded and our wedding is a very intimate occasion. It’s important to have the right people by your side, people you connect with. We found what we were looking for in White Avenue and hope that we will keep in touch.

By sharing this process, we have become friends and we very much look forward to their big day! (no pressure ;))  Maybe we can give a little back…

Thank you both.

Liam & Nicole




If you are interested in the White Avenue team planning your wedding, please email us on We cover the whole of the UK and we also plan destinations weddings such as Italy and Greece.

Photos by Caught The Light

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