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Women love shoes. Fact. Except my Mum who hates shoe shopping and really can’t believe her daughter has more than 30 pairs of shoes. I’m sure that’s not a lot compared with other women right?


As a wedding planner, I find that my brides have a hard time choosing a pair of bridal shoes for their wedding day. At first I thought it was the heel height that was the problem but actually, most of my brides love super high heels and have no issue with the fact that they may actually be in them for more than 10 hours. They can always change in to flat dancing shoes when the time comes. The problem lies with not knowing where to find the shoes in the first place. Their knowledge goes as far as knowing about Christian Louboutin and at the opposite end of the spectrum –  the cheapest ivory pairs that literally look like they have been produced for the market stall.


So let me introduce you to my favourite brands of bridal shoe and hopefully it will help you to find your perfect pair!



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  1. Christian Louboutin
  2. Harriet Wilde
  3. Aruna Seth
  4. Jimmy Choo
  5. Harriet Wilde
  6. Charlotte Olympia
  7. Harriet Wilde
  8. Harriet Wilde
  9. Jimmy Choo
  10. Aruna Seth
  11. Aruna Seth
  12. Christian Louboutin
  13. Harriet Wilde
  14. Kate Spade
  15. Jimmy Choo
  16. Jimmy Choo
  17. Aruna Seth
  18. Charlotte Olympia
  19. Gucci
  20. Jimmy Choo
  21. Emmy
  22. Christian Louboutin
  23. Freya Rose
  24. Jimmy Choo
  25. Kate Spade
  26. Rupert Sanderson



In alphabetic order here are the links to the brands we recommend you try –  including some new ones that aren’t shown above:

Aruna Seth | Badgley Mischka | Benjamin Adams | Charlotte Olympia | Christian Louboutin | Emmy | Freya Rose | Gina Bridal | Giuseppe ZanottiGucci | Harriet Wilde | Jimmy Choo | Kate Spade | Paradox | Rachel Simpson | Rupert Sanderson





Affordable High Street Bridal Shoes

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  1. Nine West
  2. Dune
  3. Carvela
  4. Nine West
  5. Dune
  6. Dune






White Avenue’s Top Tips for Buying Wedding Shoes:



1. Don’t be afraid to spend a lot on your bridal shoes. You may or may not wear them again but you want them to be good quality and comfortable. After all, you will be wearing them for more than 10 hours.


2. Lots of brides put on their shoes on the wedding day feeling very uncomfortable in their brand new pair of shoes. 2-3 months before the wedding we advise you get a pair of tights or the old-fashioned ankle stockings and put them over the entire shoe to ensure they don’t get dirty – and start wearing them around the house to wear them in.


3. If you have to step on grass, decking or cobblestone for your outdoor ceremony or reception, buy plastic attachments for your heels that stop you sinking into the ground. You can buy these from The Sole Mates.


4. Buy your bridal shoes well in advance. As soon as you have picked your wedding dress now is the time to shop for the shoes you will wear on the day. You will need to bring your shoes with you to your dress fitting. Pick shoes that work well with the dress so take fabric swatches or detailed photos with you when you look for your shoes.


5. Pick shoes that suit your wedding location. If you are getting married abroad and are having an outdoor rustic wedding where there are hills or slopes think about the type of shoes you will need.


6. Pick the right heel height. Are you going to be towering above your husband at the alter in killer heels? Can you actually walk in super high heels? There is nothing worse than a bride that doesn’t look graceful when she walks. Just because its a special day doesn’t mean you wont look amazing in kitten heels.


7. Treat your feet to a lovely pedicure before the wedding day so that your feet look great in your new shoes.


8. White varies in shade so be careful when picking your shoes – they could vary from super bright white to off white and ivory.


9. Don’t be afraid to go for a funky colour for your shoes if that’s the kind of bride you are! A beautiful pair of coral or emerald green shoes gets everyone’s attention and you will feel fabulous.


10. Embellishment on shoes looks divine but do be careful not to go too ‘bling’.



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