Choosing a make-up artist for your wedding can be a daunting task. This person is going to be responsible for making you look your best on the biggest day of your life. The photos you receive from your wedding day will be treasured by you and your loved ones forever and it is the job of your make-up artist to ensure your make up is flawless on the day, but to also provide make-up to suit your personality and style. Of course, they must be good at what they do but they must be reliable. The last thing you need is a make-up artist arriving late on your wedding day.



White Avenue’s top tips for choosing your make-up artist:


1. Choose someone who has been highly recommended by a friend. They have been tried and tested so you can’t go wrong! Don’t be afraid to conduct your own research though and look around.


2. Have a look at their qualifications, training and experience.


3. Check whether they actually have ‘bridal’ make-up as part of their services – or better yet, specialise in it. You will find most make-up artists do a bit of everything but ensure they are passionate about bridal make-up.


4. Check out their portfolio and see their past work. Do you like what you see? Remember, they will adapt their style to suit you, whether you want natural make up or something more glamorous.


5. Top make-up artists will use the most expensive, high quality products so look out for those but also check to see whether they are keeping up with new methods and techniques. Also, most make-up artists will have their own insurance which is always reassuring.


6. Shop around. Although you don’t want to compromise on quality, you don’t always have to go with the most expensive make-up artist. Compare the prices on the market and decide who is in your price range. Expect to pay anything from £80 to £250 for on the day bridal make-up.


7. Once you are sure you know who you want, check they are available for your wedding date and set up a trial (Remember you will have to pay for this so make your choice carefully. If you can afford it try out a second artist for comparison). Finally, do you like the person and are they listening to your concerns?


8. Longevity. Will the make-up last all day? One of the keys to perfect wedding make-up is its longevity, so try and arrange the trial for the morning so you can see how the look lasts throughout the day. If the make-up artist has used quality products and is amazing at what they do, it will last all day. One of the secrets of long lasting make-up is thorough application and blending, all of which takes time. It’s a good idea to book a morning trial as this will enable you to see how the make-up looks under different lighting conditions. If the make-up starts to deteriorate after a few hours, or doesn’t translate well from natural to artificial light, it’s a good time to think carefully as to whether you’ve found the right make-up artist and the right look for you.



Meeting Kristian Gasperas, a London Make-Up Artist


We recently met up with Kristina Gasperas, The Wedding Industry Awards 2013 National Winner for bridal make-up.



Kristina has been a make-up artist for almost 4 years and is based in South-West London, near the popular wedding hotspot of Richmond, Surrey. During this time she has worked with clients from all over the UK and abroad, leaving a trail of happy, beautiful brides in her wake. As well as bridal clients she has worked on a number of editorials, photo-shoots and was thrilled to be involved with the Miss Lithuania 2012 beauty pageant.


Kristina originates from the suburbs of Kaunas in Lithuania, part of the USSR at the time, but immigrated to the UK as an 18-year-old, to seek fame and fortune! She worked many jobs including waitressing, a sales assistant in a make-up store, a translator, a language teacher and as a business development manager for one of the world’s largest IT companies. She decided that she wanted to leave her desk job and made the big decision to become a make-up artist when inspiration came on her wedding day in Lithuania whilst having her make-up applied at one of the best salons in the country. It was the feeling she had of ‘feeling and looking a million dollars’, which convinced her that she would love to do the same for other brides.



Kristina then trained and completed an intensive two month course which involved studying with the most renowned make-up artist in the country and getting great exposure in the fast-lane of a successful make-up artist. Her passion for make-up also led her to love the art of photography and she is also a trained professional photographer, which enables her to take stunning images of her brides. What is fantastic about Kristina’s service is that she offers her brides the unique service of providing them with professional portraits of their bridal look after their trial, which has proven very popular.



What struck us about Kristina when we met her was that she was considerably calm. It was so refreshing to meet someone who has undying passion along with a calm and friendly nature. We instantly felt comfortable with her and brides will benefit from that on the day of the wedding as opposed to someone who is bouncing around the room.


Check our Kristina’s website: Kristina Gasperas



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