As we all know planning a wedding can be stressful, with so many tiny details to think about it can be overwhelming.

Then we add the issue of bridesmaid’s dresses and things can go all wrong. At a recent wedding of a friend, I learnt that the 2 bridesmaids had originally been 4, but after some arguments over dress options 2 had been let go (luckily they were still invited to the wedding as guests).

While some brides may be happy to let their maids choose their own dresses, others may want a little more control to make sure they look perfect on the big day.

The first thing to ask is what do you want from a dress?

It may seem like a simple question but trust me…trying to find a dress that will please a group of women is no easy task.

First of all do you want them wearing all the same dresses, all the same colour, length and shape? And how will you find a dress that will fit all shapes and sizes? You may find cheaper dresses from online websites abroad, but from our experience some of them can be untrustworthy.

It may seem with so many things to think about and so many maids to consider choosing the perfect bridesmaids dress is impossible but here at White Avenue we would like to introduce you to the answer to all your dress worries: twobirds. 



Founded in 2007 by New Yorker Ariane Goldman, twobirds is an award winning company and we can certainly see why.

In fact we recently journeyed to the National Wedding Show and were delighted to see some of the amazing dresses on show. The collection is truly unique and the answer to all your bridesmaids needs.



Innovative Design

The amazing thing about twobirds dresses is their innovative design, which enables each dress in the collection to be worn in a number of different styles. The versatile design of twobirds dresses means that they also suit any size and shape. In fact the great feature of the collection allows you to twist, tie and fold the straps into 15 different styles allowing your bridesmaids to choose the perfect style for them while maintaining the look you want for your wedding. (Tying and draping instructions for each style can be found on the twobirds website).



The twobirds brand has two collections; Rosette and Classic and the Classic collection is now available in three different lengths; short straight, butterfly and ball gown. With over 20 colours to choose from you and your bridesmaids will be spoilt for choice.

One of the greatest things about twobirds dresses is the ability you are given to mix and match whilst keeping your look cohesive. You could choose to have all the same colour and all different styles, or all different colours and styles but your bridesmaids will always look amazing and most importantly feel comfortable in what they are wearing.



Ok so we all know that age old adage you can choose a dress that your bridesmaids can wear again and we all know how often that happens, however a twobirds dress can be the exception. With their unique design your maids can alter the style of the dress and wear it again and again and it will look like a completely new dress.

Why not have a look at some of the beautiful dresses that twobirds offer. For more information on styles, colours and prices take a look at the twobirds website.


Images Courtesy of Twobirds Pinterest Board



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