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This week we caught up with Adam Alex who is one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers and has won some of the industry’s most prestigious awards to back up his talents.

Adam’s work has taken him to all corners of the world and has a huge following. His work tells beautiful captivating stories of people’s personalities on the biggest day of their lives. This year we have had the privilege of working closely with Adam and we put to him a series of questions that would sum-up Adam Alex Photography. Enjoy!



How did you manage to become a photographer and work in the wedding and events industry?

It is a long answer to a long question but an eventful story. I realised that I found imaging fascinating from a young age. This fascination was the vehicle which took me to college and then off to University to study Photography at an academic level. Once leaving university, I knew I loved to document life and people but becoming a photojournalist and saving the world as a war correspondent was just to hard to get into. At that time I settled for weddings until I realised that documenting them was an amazing process with an even better delivery.


You shoot internationally – are there any locations that have really stuck with you and recommend as a destination to brides to be?

I was lucky enough to be flown out to Beirut, Lebanon for an amazing 4-day event/wedding. This wedding was beyond most weddings not only for its extravagance but also for its location. Beirut is packed full of political and military history and to say that having Tanks on most street corners was interesting is not doing it justice. I am blessed that I get to shoot weddings all over the globe, mainly in Europe. I get to see some of the most amazing locations and venues there is to offer as well as meet the most interesting people. I cannot really pick one location to single out but my advice to any bride is to seek out sound advice from great wedding planners to help with logistics. Getting married abroad is a dream and for me the best way to do it, but it comes with its rules…. get help!



Apart from taking snaps of brides and grooms, what else does Adam Alex do?

I have found that I need to shoot always to stay motivated, so I carry my camera everywhere. If it is not my DSLR its Instagram on my iPhone. The most special thing is my family for example, I made it a rule to shoot my entire 3-week holiday this year. I captured the most amazing story full of moments and details. I encourage everyone to shoot as much as possible and not focus on perfection, after all the best pictures are the non-professional pictures stuck to our fridges.



What would be your top tips for couples in todays day and age for there wedding and choosing a photographer?

My top tip is to search for a photographer based on his/her personality and history and not because they are cheaper than the others, cheap equals cheap. This does not mean that expensive is always best but it’s about connecting with your photographer and a mutual understanding. Our job as photographers is key in your life, so make sure you invest in the artist and not the package.


If you weren’t a photographer, what path in life would you have taken?

I would be an artist of some form. Picturing my life without photography does not seem possible because it is all I have done but I know life without it would involve some creative career.



How would you describe your style of photography? Has it changed over the years?

My style is me, an extension of me right now. It is how I see life right now and yes it has changed and continues to change. Change is key to success. Style should be unique and if we pull from within as artists and steer away from trends then we are truly unique and can never be copied.


Being a artist – what would you say is the latest trends for fashion in weddings or in fact what would you like to see in the near future?

I would like to see brides follow their dreams and for photographers to do the same. The two need to meet in the middle. Trends come and go but true honest photojournalism will never die, its raw, classic and honest, this is the best trend to follow.



For brides that are camera shy – how do you make them feel comfortable or what advice would you give?

My advice is ‘do what you do’ i’ll take care of the rest of it. Just be yourself, focus on you and your family and let the story unwind.



Adam has worked with us on several photoshoots and most of the images on our website have been taken by him. To see more, visit his website


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