It was with great pleasure that we finally got to vist the shop of one of London’s, if not THE leading couture designer of bridal wear. Phillipa Lepley’s bridal shop in Chelsea, London is any bride’s dream. The shop on Fulham Road oozes quality and elegance. It is light, spacious and modern and it was as if we stepped into a luxury boutique hotel. We were greeted by very friendly ladies who made us feel very comfortable and talked us through Phillipa Lepley’s style and philosophy. It was so refreshing witnessing the professionalism of the experts, combined with their natural down-to-earth nature, but most of all, their true passion for the brand.



We would describe Phillipa’s designs as quintessentially English and she is known world wide for her timeless, feminine, luxurious gowns with bespoke detailed embellishment. The fabric she uses is of the highest quality and she is always on the look out for beautiful new fabrics to use for her designs.



The couture service they offer is a one-off exciting experience and is one that any wedding planner would be thrilled to have their bride’s have. Instead of choosing a gown from the rail, it is a gown made from scratch that is made for only you, and one which suits your personality, shape and even wedding venue exactly. The shop on Fulham Road has huge private fitting rooms with phenomenal lighting for comfort and space.

The couture process can take between 6 to 12 months to achieve perfection.



Phillipa Lepley does also sell a selection of showroom samples.  These gowns are usually in a size 12 and are altered by the in-house couture seamstresse. As the gown is already made, there are fewer fittings needed and can naturally be complete in a shorter period of time.



Latest news from Phillipa:

“Our next Sample Sale will be starting on Saturday January 5th, this will be a first come first serve basis day with no consultation fee required. Please be advised to arrive early and be aware the day will be busier than usual. There will be less privacy, as you will be changing with 1 or 2 other brides. However it is a great opportunity to pick up a beautiful Sample at a brilliant price! From Monday 7th January we will resume back to appointments lasting one and half-hours. There will be a reduced, non-refundable consultation fee of £15. This can be redeemed when a Phillipa Lepley gown is purchased and also entitles you to return as many times as you wish. The Sale will last till Friday 18th January 2013. ”


Images: Phillipa Lepley



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