First of all, congratulations, you are engaged! You are getting married! This is the exciting part; You are going to start planning your perfect wedding. Now, where to begin….

When considering picking a wedding date, there are several factors to consider.

1) Will you set it for 6 months time, a year, two years? Consider your budget and schedule. You may not have the time to plan, or the budget to pay for a wedding in 6 months. A year is a perfect amount of time to plan a wedding and often you will only find availability at popular venues at least a year in advance. You may get lucky if its not a particularly popular date.


2) Do you have a favourite time of year? What season can you imagine getting married in? A Summer wedding may make you the most happy but remember weather is never guaranteed. You may prefer Autumn when the trees are golden and its not too cold yet. Maybe you like the idea of a Winter Wedding – a winter wonderland. Spring may suit you better if you like freshness and pastels.



3) Budget may affect your choice, as some venues will charge more for peak times. Note, if you are planning a February wedding and you love roses, the cost of these is much higher this month because of Valentines Day.



4) Remember to check dates for Mother’s Day & Father’s day and any other special dates. Check for religious dates. Will the Football World Cup be on?


5) Try to avoid busy periods at work. For example, if you’re a teacher the start of term may be too hectic, or if you are an accountant you will want to avoid the tax month.



6) You may have ‘VIP preferences’ meaning those special guests or family members who you really want at the wedding can be asked if there are any dates that conflict with certain set-in-stone plans they have. Before you ask them, just keep in mind that it can complicate things, especially if you ask anyone that is outside your immediate circle of friends or family. Once you have set the date, don’t budge.


7) Lastly if you are considering marrying abroad – remember there may be some friends or family members that cannot travel by plane for health reasons. You cannot please everyone and you will never get 100% attendance, but it is good to think about.



8) Enjoy the planning process and remember if you need any help, contact the White Avenue team today!



Image 1 – Wedding Bee

Image 2 – Hanbury Manor

Image 3 – Philippa Craddock Florist

Image 4 – Lulworth Castle, Dorset

Image 5 – Brett Symes Photography



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